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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning, whether that be in the classroom or onstage, should be active, hands-on, and infused with opportunities for students to both lead and collaborate. I promote a dynamic classroom environment utilizing the multiple intelligences and scaffolded lessons to build technique and deepen understanding in theatre arts while also fostering empathy for the human condition.

I encourage students to be active participants in the learning and show-creation processes. I believe this cultivates a sense of personal responsibility in young actors for their work on and offstage.

Most of all, I am committed to expanding the social consciousness of my students, our audiences, and myself by presenting material that is timely and relevant. A core tenant of my mission as a teacher is to continually engage my students in dialogue surrounding issues which affect them and the world around them, such as bullying, peer pressure, eating disorders, and social justice.

Camps and Classes

I have taught various camps and year-round classes for a variety of theatre companies. Favorites have included Adventures in Acting for Orlando Repertory Theatre and Puppetry and Improv for Dramatic Education Inc. 

Program Writing

As Program Manager for Dramatic Education, Inc., I wrote educational programs and scripts for the annual curricula. I often collaborated with choreographers or other experts, such as a fight coordinator for a stage combat class. I also conducted quarterly trainings for the teaching artist staff.

Currently, I am creating an Endangered Species workshop series for IBEX Puppetry, and lesson plan writing is a part of all of my teaching artist work at Orlando Repertory Theatre.

Arts Integration

Through Orlando Repertory Theatre, I received arts integration training developed by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, led by Randy Barron. As a result of the training program, I developed a social studies and arts integration residency titled “Immigration Nation.” Visit my contact page if you are interested in booking!

“Help students see the relationship between different types of immigrants throughout history from the first American colonists to political refugees today and make meaningful connections to the past through the lens of a personal connection to a story. In this residency, students will look into American history to uncover stories of immigration. They will adapt these stories into monologues to be performed for their peers.”

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